The Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain was formed in 2008. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is slowly growing in popularity in the UK at the moment, but numbers still remain small.

A small group of enthusiasts got together to form a club for the Canadian Eskimo Dog in the UK.

The Club is growing and we already organise a yearly Breed Open Show and get involved with organising small working events.

At the moment there are several championship and open dog shows that have breed specific classes for the Canadian Eskimo Dog, the biggest of these being Crufts. There are also several working organisations in the UK where you can work your Canadian Eskimo Dog. These are listed under the working section of the links page of the website.

The Club aim to promote the breed in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to encourage people to show and work their CED/CID's. To give people information, guidance and help with their CED/CID or to educate about the breed. These dogs are a very primitive, high energy dog more suited to people with an outdoor lifestyle or those wishing to work their dogs and should not be considered as a pet. We are already working on gaining full recognition with the FCI thus to make it possible to show in countries governed by the FCI. We already have the Irish Kennel Club accepting registrations for us so you can show there, as well as in NON FCI catergories in countries such as Croatia.

Membership is encouraged for everyone interested in this rare breed, even if you do not own a CED/CID. Members will receive a quarterly newsletter, have the committee of the club to approach for a wealth of advice and knowledge and have an active involvement with the Kennel Club including educational events and breed health symposiums. Please forward any information, pictures, stories or results to either our secretary or newsletter writer. (Contact details can be found on the committee members page as to who to contact).


2016 Mission Statement


The Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain will continue to work towards the promotion and preservation of the Canadian Eskimo dog as an indigenous land race of working sled dog.

To educate all owners on the breed history, heritage and ensure that owners have their dogs health and welfare of highest priority.

Owners will be educated and encouraged in all aspects of ownership of the breed.

If and when breeding is planned breeders agree to perform necessary health tests, considering all factors on producing a litter and continue with education for the breed in future owners.

The club shall keep a comprehensive database to aid in meticulous breed record keeping. Members and breeders are encouraged to contribute to the data base for present and future reference.

Co-authored by Christina Chapman, Elizabeth Salter, Peter McDaid & Racheal Bailey