The Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain Mission Statement


The Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain will continue to work towards the promotion and preservation of the Canadian Eskimo Dog as an indigenous land race of working sled dog. To educate all owners on the breed history, heritage and ensure that owners have their dogs health and welfare of highest priority. Owners will be educated and encouraged in all aspects of ownership of the breed. If and when breeding is planned breeders agree to perform necessary health tests, considering all factors on producing a litter and continue with education for the breed in future owners. The club shall keep a comprehensive database to aid in meticulous breed record keeping. Members and breeders are encouraged to contribute to the database for present and future reference.


With thanks to Kath Howarth, Christina Chapman, Elizabeth Salter, Racheal Bailey & Peter McDaid whom all helped co write the new club mission statement which was voted upon at the AGM on March 2016