Welcome to the official website of the Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain.

Our Lifelong Honorary Patron is Mrs Ann Allen who was the founder of Shepherdsway Kennels. Ann along with the Hawkam Kennel, was one of the first to import registered Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dogs to the UK from Canada and for many years bred, showed and worked her CED’s thus promoting them. Ann was a very special lady who sadly passed away leaving behind a legacy in Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dogs.

The Club has been formed to meet the needs of owners and enthusiasts of the Canadian Eskimo/ Canadian Inuit Dog within the United Kingdom and around the world.

The aim of the Club is to promote and encourage the responsible ownership and ethical breeding of Canadian Eskimo Dogs and to provide events, information and social gatherings for the breed and its owners. The Club has the breeds health at the forefront of its efforts as well as the working aspects of the breed.

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