Membership Form

We at the CEDCGB would like to thank all of you who are renewing your memberships for your continued support. To new members welcome. I would like to take this opportunity to politely remind everyone that all returns are due by the 31st January.

Please can I make you all aware that we are now accepting standing orders; for this loyalty we are reducing the cost of memberships to those who choose this method.
The new pricing is as follows:

If you choose Cheque / Bank transfer:
Single £ 7.00
Joint £11.00
Family £13.50
Junior (under 18) £3.50

If you choose to set up a standing order:
Single £6.00
Joint £10.00
Family £12.50
Junior (under 18) £2.50

By continuing you agree to adhere to the CEDCGB Rules and Regulations as set out by the UK Kennel Club and the Code of Ethics set out by the CEDCGB.

Please supply your full postal address including Post Code & Country.
On all methods of payments please reference your payment with your surname and first line of your address where possible.
By checking the above box you are digitally signing to confirm that you have read, understand and agree to adhere to The Canadian Eskimo Dog Clubs Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations as found on the clubs website.