Rally Results Submission Forms.

Working Points System

The working points system starts from the first rally entered by any musher through to the AGM (any rallies after this date will be automatically added to the next years results). The season is usually October to March.

Each CED collects their own points not the musher which means they can be run by multiple people, even non members as long as the owner of the CED is a member of the CEDCGB. It is biased in favour of freight teams in which run a 75% (+3 dog) / 50% (2 Dog) CED heavy team of freight breeds (CED/Greenland Dog/Alaskan Malamute/Samoyed). Mixed teams, who are not 75% (+3 Dog) / 50% (2 Dog) CED heavy will only be awarded half points. However there is a 2 point bonus for any team finishing 1st – 3rd overall in their class.

A separate ‘Certificate of Merit’ for best multi-sports dog will also be awarded for those CED’s taking part in Bikejor/Scooter/Canicross/Skijor classes.

Weight Pull and Back Packing events have their own separate titles and awards and the results are not eligible towards the working title.

Highest Placed all CED TeamPoints AwardedOverall Race PositionPoints Awarded

To submit your Rally Results please either use the form below after each rally or Download Yearly Spreadsheet and email to Nikki Cree before the AGM.

Rally Organisation, Venue & Date
KC Registered Name/s of dog/s, Pet Name, DOB and Sex (E.g Akna Alpha, Alpha, 01/01/2020, Dog)
Eg. (E.g DR4, BJR, DR2F)
Result (1st/2nd etc), Pet Name and Position in Team (E.g Alpha, Lead dog. Beta, Wheel dog)
Eg. Highest placed CED/Team in the class entered or 2nd highest placed CED Team etc.